Documentation for pymnl

pymnl (rhymes with hymnal) is a pure Python re-implmentation of libmnl and provides a minimal interface to Linux Netlink sockets and messages. The author and maintainer is Sean Robinson <>.

pymnl should be compatible with Python > 2.4. An effort has been made to allow pymnl to work with Py2 and Py3 from a single code base. See "Using pymnl with Python 2 vs Python 3" for version-specific caveats.

More information is available at

See the API checklist for a detailed list of which libmnl functions have been implemented.

A short changelog describes the general and API changes for every release.

Example Applications

The examples directory contains small examples of how to use pymnl with various Netlink protocols. These are re-implementations of the examples provided in libmnl.


pymnl is licensed under LGPLv2+, however, the examples are licensed under GPLv2+.


There is none. Do not rely on it for anything. It could cause your computer to apply for a second mortgage on your home, take your underage children to R-rated movies, or run around your neighborhood in the middle of the night ringing doorbells. You. Have. Been. Warned.

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